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Ask These Questions before Going to Prod - 08/15/18

Many folks who are new to operations approach things with an absolutist mindset. They see things are correct or incorrect and secure or insecure. In reality, operations of all types is balancing opposing forces. After all, the most secure website in the world wouldn’t be accessible to anyone and certainly wouldn’t have users. read more »

Org Mode Tagging - 05/30/18

Org-mode supports arbitrary tags on headlines. If you are using Org to track tasks, then you might tag items "work" or "phone". Tags go at the end of the line, surrounded by colons. You can use C-c C-C to enter a tag in the minibuffer, but most of the time I type the tag, surrounded by colons. read more »

Cloud Functions and Cat Facts - 05/22/18

A few weeks back, Myles Borins and I did a talk at Google I/O about choosing which cloud services to use in different situations. We both feel that the best technical talks have a solid storyline and so we had a hypothetical business built around "Cat Facts as a Service" motivating our talk. read more »

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