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Battleship: Lessons Learned - 09/21/17

On September 5th I put my battleship API to the test by having the attendees at Seattle.rb’s quarterly coding workshop try to build clients against it. In the process, I learned some interesting things. read more »

ML Basics: K Nearest Neighbors - 09/13/17

One technique for doing classification is called K Nearest Neighbors or KNN. To use the algorithm you need to have some data that you’ve already classified correctly and a new data point that you wish to classify. Then you find the K (a somewhat arbitrary number) of existing data points that are the most similar (or near) to your new datapoint. You assign the new datapoint to whatever class the majority of the neighbors have. read more »

Deploying Battleship to GAE - 08/31/17

Last time I finished writing the battleship server. The next step is to deploy it somewhere. I’m close to my first real deadline, Seattle.rb next Tuesday evening, so I’m taking the easy way out and deploying it on Google App Engine. In the future, I plan to write up a blog post for doing a Kubernetes deployment. I also hope to eventually port the logic to both Node.js and Python because I think the language comparison will be interesting. read more »

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Rails Conf 2017 - 04/26/17

Syntax Isn’t Everything: NLP For Rubyists

Google Cloud Next 2017 - 03/09/17

Stackdriver: monitor, diagnose, fix

Ruby Conf Australia 2017 - 02/09/17

Datacenter Fires and Other ‘Minor’ Disasters

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