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The Delightful Stackdriver Debugger - 05/25/17

The product I am most excited about at the moment is Stackdriver Debugger. Every time I get to demonstrate Debugger at a conference people are initially incredulous. Once they see that it actually works and that I am not just making stuff up they are either excited or curious about how it works. read more »

Going Analog - 05/18/17

Managing my to do list and staying focused has often been a challenge. At previous jobs, I used a variety of online tools to manage my tasks. When my work was bug driven, I used the OmniFocus Ruby gems to pull my tasks into OmniFocus, and then every day I triaged my tasks in OmniFocus. When my work was mostly in Trello, I grabbed a card (or was assigned one) and a pair after standup every morning and tried to finish it by evening. Both of those workflows worked well for me. read more »

Stackdriver Monitoring And Ruby - 05/11/17

This week I have been learning how to access Stackdriver Monitoring with the google-cloud-monitoring gem. read more »

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Rails Conf 2017 - 04/26/17

Syntax Isn’t Everything: NLP For Rubyists

Google Cloud Next 2017 - 03/09/17

Stackdriver: monitor, diagnose, fix

Ruby Conf Australia 2017 - 02/09/17

Datacenter Fires and Other ‘Minor’ Disasters

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