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What is the App Engine Gem - 10/17/17

The App Engine gem provides a set of tools that make it easier to use App Engine with Ruby and especially with Rails. It isn’t that it is hard to use App Engine with Rails, we know folks are doing it already. In fact, I’ve used it for some of my projects, but we knew we could do better. read more »

We Don't Do That Here - 09/29/17

If no one has told you yet, as your career in tech progresses you will eventually become a custodian of culture. If you run a meetup or a team, if you lead an open source project, or if you organize an event people will be looking to you to know what is and isn’t okay in that space. You get this responsibility whether you want it or not. You don’t have to be internet famous to have this responsibility. If there are people you work with who have been around for less time than you, then you are going to help set the culture for them. read more »

What to Wear on Stage - 09/24/17

All the conferences I’ve spoken at use a body-mounted mic. The most common types are lapel mics, which clip on your shirt, or over the ear mics, which may end up taped to your face. Body mics always have a battery pack that is about the size of a deck of playing cards. If you are wearing pants with usable pockets or belt loops, you can either put the battery pack in a pocket or hang it from your belt. If you aren’t wearing pants, or your pockets are not big enough, finding a place to put the battery pack is a challenge. read more »

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