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ML Basics: Markov Models Write Fairy Tales - 11/07/17

One way to build things like Twitter bots is to use Markov Chains. If you read the formal papers on Markov Chains and Markov Models, they seem quite complex, but they are pretty simple. The basic rule that all Markov processes must satisfy is that what happens next must be determinable only from the current state. read more »

How I Publish My Blog - 10/22/17

I write most of my posts in Markdown. For things I can’t neatly do in Markdown, I’ll use erb or even straight HTML. Since ZenWeb lets me have multiple renderers per file I can mix and match these as well. My blog also makes extensive use of conditionals and includes. For example, depending on the date on a post either the MIT license or the Apache 2 license (which Google prefers) is added to the footer. This footer is only added to posts where syntax highlighting is turned on. I also have code that automatically adds links to GitHub when I put code: [link here] in the metadata at the top of the post. read more »

What is the App Engine Gem - 10/17/17

The App Engine gem provides a set of tools that make it easier to use App Engine with Ruby and especially with Rails. It isn’t that it is hard to use App Engine with Rails, we know folks are doing it already. In fact, I’ve used it for some of my projects, but we knew we could do better. read more »

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