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You Are Not Your Code - 06/15/17

You are not your code. You are not your ideas. You are not your products. You are not your job. You are not your employer. If I had to give one piece advice to any random person in tech, I would say, ‘you are not your code’. This is not a unique piece of advice. A quick search for ‘You Are Not Your Code’ on Google returns more than 150,000 results. However, it is the piece of advice that took me a long time to understand and has had a large impact on my overall contentment and my job satisfaction. read more »

Making an Enumerable - 06/08/17

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about some of the handy methods that are part of the Enumerable module in Ruby. This week I thought I would talk about how you can create a class that has all these handy methods by using the Enumerable mixin in your class. read more »

Talks I Love: STEM For General Audiences - 06/01/17

For this month I wanted to branch out and focus on technical or scientific talks from outside of the Ruby community. read more »

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Rails Conf 2017 - 04/26/17

Syntax Isn’t Everything: NLP For Rubyists

Google Cloud Next 2017 - 03/09/17

Stackdriver: monitor, diagnose, fix

Ruby Conf Australia 2017 - 02/09/17

Datacenter Fires and Other ‘Minor’ Disasters

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