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Debugging Demos - 04/27/17

I wanted to reprise a demo I did at RubyConf 2015 where I used a distributed system to do sentiment analysis based on emoji. At the time I felt I had used some of the hottest technologies. I used Docker containers for each of the different pieces of the pipeline and then used Kubernetes to orchestrate the whole thing. It seemed like a logical way to deploy something that I hoped I would spin up and down on a regular basis as the need for a Kubernetes demo arose. Last week I dug into the code to try and get the demo running again after a 12-month hiatus. It is amazing what you forget during that time. I am sharing some of what I learned in this blog post so that hopefully someone else doesn’t have to have the same battle I did. read more »

Your Friend Enumerable - 04/20/17

A lot of Rubyists do not know much of enumerable beyond each. Here are a handful of methods that are handy to know both for interviews and general purpose coding. read more »

The Google NLP API Meets Ruby - 04/13/17

At RailsConf I’ll be giving a talk on Natural Language Processing. As part of my preparation for this talk, I’ve been reading a bunch of the history of Natural Language Processing, and I’ve been experimenting with Google’s Natural Language API. The Ruby Gem for this API is alpha, but it works well enough to do basic experimentation. read more »

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Rails Conf 2017 - 04/26/17

Syntax Isn’t Everything: NLP For Rubyists

Google Cloud Next 2017 - 03/09/17

Stackdriver: monitor, diagnose, fix

Ruby Conf Australia 2017 - 02/09/17

Datacenter Fires and Other ‘Minor’ Disasters

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