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Year Three: Risk Taking - 12/07/17

December 8th is my three year anniversary at Google. Every year I’ve written an anniversary blog post talking about what I’ve learned about Developer Relations as a career in the past year. Last December I decided my theme for 2017 would be "consistency and sustainability," but looking back, the unintentional theme of this year ended up being risk-taking. I’m guessing that the value of mid-career risk-taking isn’t unique to DevRel, but interpersonal risk-taking has been the source of many of my proudest moments over the last year, so it seems to be a worthy topic for a blog post. read more »

Thoughts on Personal Brand - 11/30/17

I find it distasteful that I’m writing a blog post on personal brand. When I started thinking about the topic about five years ago every fiber of my nerdy self bristled at the idea. Like many developers, I wanted to believe that it was only the content that mattered and eventually people would see the brilliance in my ideas. But as much as I wish the world were a pure meritocracy, it isn’t. How you present ideas matters, and part of presenting your ideas is how you present yourself. read more »

ML Basics: Markov Models Write Fairy Tales - 11/07/17

One way to build things like Twitter bots is to use Markov Chains. If you read the formal papers on Markov Chains and Markov Models, they seem quite complex, but they are pretty simple. The basic rule that all Markov processes must satisfy is that what happens next must be determinable only from the current state. read more »

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