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Audit Logging on GCP - 03/23/17

At Google Cloud Next two weeks ago I had the chance to chat with many folks using or experimenting with Google products. Questions about change management and audit logging came up frequently. Some folks wanted notifications for configuration changes. Others wanted a quick and easy way to see who is doing what for auditing purposes. Many attendees were not aware of Google Cloud’s existing audit logging capabilities or how to set alerts on specific audited events. read more »

Five Useful Org-Mode Features - 03/16/17

As I’m writing tutorials, working on new code, or creating my talks I usually take notes. A couple years ago I adopted org-mode in Emacs for my notes. read more »

Rails on App Engine: Tips and Tricks - 03/09/17

As we have gotten closer to GA, I’ve built a few non-trivial Rails applications and deployed them to GAE. I’ve also given some one-on-one help to others deploying to App Engine or Google Cloud for the first time. In this process, we’ve found and fixed a few bugs, and I’ve built a list of common things that trip people up on their first deploys. read more »

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Google Cloud Next 2017 - 03/09/17

Stackdriver: monitor, diagnose, fix

Ruby Conf Australia 2017 - 02/09/17

Datacenter Fires and Other ‘Minor’ Disasters

Ruby Conf 2016 - 11/11/16

Datacenter Fires and Other ‘Minor’ Disasters

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