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Auntie Aja on Abstracts: You Can Do Better - 01/25/18

Auntie Aja is back. This time I want to talk a bit about conference session proposals. It is CFP season. I’m busy submitting talk proposals to events I want to attend. My coworkers and friends are doing the same. Like many folks, I’m asking coworkers and friends to review my abstracts to make sure I’m not missing anything important. I’m also advising people who don’t submit to events very often on how to improve the chances that their submission will be accepted. Today I’ll cover some of the issues I see over and over. read more »

The Toaster Parable - 01/18/18

The tech industry has a problem that I refer to as the " the toaster problem," which is of course, best illustrated by "the parable of the toaster". Suppose you are in the break room and a new employee says "Hey, can you help me with the toaster?" You spend the next 10 minutes explaining how the various knobs and dials work. You say that this toaster uses photoelectric sensors to detect browning instead of a thermostat or a timer. You teach them that the little red bits inside the toaster are filaments that have electric current run through them and that’s why you shouldn’t stick a knife into the toaster while it is plugged in. read more »

Security Advice for GCS Buckets - 01/17/18

I can’t tell you how to make your buckets and objects 100% secure, I can give you some basic advice that is pretty universally applicable. The vast majority of this information came from a week of research into the security of GCS buckets in a typical use case that I did in early December. read more »

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Syntax Isn’t Everything: NLP For Rubyists

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