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Metadata Service - 10/20/16

Managing API keys and other secrets across a build and deployment pipeline can be a pain. read more »

Ruby & GCP: Uploading Pictures To Cloud Storage - 09/29/16

This is a quick tutorial on uploading files to Google Cloud Storage with Ruby. read more »

Why your talk was rejected - 09/23/16

The headline for this blog post is a bit sensational. Realistically I can’t tell you why a given talk was accepted or rejected. read more »

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Ruby Kaigi 2016 - 09/08/16

Big Data with Download Data

Gotham Ruby Conf 2016 - 06/25/16

Exploring Big Data with Download Data

Mountain West Ruby Conf 2016 - 03/21/16

Sharpening the Axe: Self Teaching for Developers

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