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Mentoring: You're Doing It Badly - 03/19/19

All of the problems I see in mentorship come from one flawed assumption. Too many folks assume their mentee is just like them. Or at least that their mentee is a younger, less experienced, or less capable version of themselves. And once that assumption is made it is hard to be an effective mentor. read more »

Good Interview Questions - 09/12/18

Many people don’t understand that giving a good interview is a skill that can be learned and improved. There seems to be a tendency to use the same questions that you were asked when you were a candidate. It also seems like new interviewers often overestimate what can be accomplished in 30 - 60 minutes or where the hiring bar should be for a position. Whatever the reason, the result is that many technical interview questions are pretty awful at assessing anything. So I figured today I’d try to give some guidance on improving your interview questions. read more »

Friction Logs - 08/22/18

This is where friction logs come in handy. A friction log is a document that lists out all the little stuff that makes the tool hard to use but frames it around a narrative or customer use case. I learned about them in my first weeks at Google. We often ask new DevRelers to write friction logs for common scenarios they are familiar with from previous work. The critical difference between a friction log and a bug list is that the friction log puts the issues in context. It tells the story of the entire user experience from start to finish. Well written friction logs are one of the best tools I know for developing user empathy in folks who don’t get to talk to customers very often. read more »

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