e— title: Code Drives excerpt: our lappies and us date: 2012-09-26T14:08:08-07:00 …

This summer Ryan and I have been going on Code Drives every week or two. For a Code Drive we pack up our lappies and usually a book or two, drive to some place pretty, sit down on a convenient log or bench and write code stopping occasionally to poke at sea anemones or eat wild blackberries.

A good portion of my Prolog talk for Cascadia was written sitting next to Puget Sound at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park and Carkeek Park. We’ve also been out to Mill Pond Road in Snoqualmie a number of times. Its neat because there’s a pond with an island and the island also has a pond.

I’ve become a big fan of code drives because I get bored sitting around at home. I’m also less productive at home. I like working in cafes but actually get out and seeing Washington during the prettiest time of year while still getting to write code has been awesome.

Here are some pictures of our adventures this summer:

Carkeek Park Train at Carkeek Park Mill Pond Mt Si Coding on a ferry