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The Ideal Advocate - 01/26/22

There are many ways to be an advocate, and success depends heavily on context and the people involved. This makes it hard to answer questions like “what does a normal day look like?” or “what types of things do advocates do?” The answer is a giant “it depends!” But I do think most good advocates have two things in common: empathy and credibility. read more »

Manager Hack: A Simple Weekly Email - 01/11/22

One of the things I’ve struggled with is how to get a new manager up to speed on my team and also how to help them have confidence in my abilities as a manager. After working with some mentors, I’ve settled on a simple weekly email that has been remarkably effective at onboarding a new manager and giving them confidence in my work as a manager. read more »

The Questions Doc - 07/12/21

A lot of folks aren’t willing to publicly ask questions. Sometimes cultural factors are impacting people’s behavior. Sometimes it is impostor syndrome. Sometimes folks think that they’re bothering their super important and busy teammates with “stupid” questions. As a manager you can reassure folks that questions are welcome, but even so I’ve found many people just won’t ask. Enter one of my favorite tools, the questions doc. read more »

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