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RAG is simpler and more powerful than you think - 06/17/24

One of the more common techniques for preventing hallucinations is RAG or Retrieval Augmented Generation. It sounds complex, and it can be. But the basic idea is extremely simple. It is also extremely powerful, and while there are common architectures for RAG solutions, the underlying technique can be used in many different situations and ways. read more…

Addressing Manager Feedback - 06/10/24

Like most large companies, Google regularly asks employees to give feedback on their team and managers. Receiving that feedback is one of the most stressful days of the year for me as a manager. It is honestly more stressful than a performance review. read more…

Vertex AI Agent Builder Demo from I/O - 06/06/24

At Google I/O this year, I did a demo of Vertex AI Agent Builder, where I built a simple agent that could help you reserve a picnic shelter at a local park with some prompt engineering but no traditional code. I’d never used Agent Builder before I started working on that demo. Building the demo taught me about the product’s strengths and weaknesses and how to use it effectively. I’m sharing what I’ve learned. read more…

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