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The Questions Doc - 07/12/21

A lot of folks aren’t willing to publicly ask questions. Sometimes cultural factors are impacting people’s behavior. Sometimes it is impostor syndrome. Sometimes folks think that they’re bothering their super important and busy teammates with “stupid” questions. As a manager you can reassure folks that questions are welcome, but even so I’ve found many people just won’t ask. Enter one of my favorite tools, the questions doc. read more »

Contact Tracing and Exposure Notification - 05/26/20

An overview of the COVID-19 Exposure Notification API by Google & Apple read more »

CatOps: Functions Framework, Cloud Tasks, and my cat - 04/22/20

I have a relatively simple problem, my cat, Nick, can open our front door and let himself out. Since he’s a strictly indoor cat, this is a problem. In true computer nerd fashion, I way over-engineered a solution to lock the doors automatically after a specified delay to prevent Nick from escaping. My solution involves the Ruby Functions Framework, a container, Google Cloud Run, and Google Cloud Tasks. read more »

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RubyHACK 2018 - 05/03/18

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