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Five Things That Change When You Become A Manager - 03/07/23

My team at work set up a new program in 2023: shadow a manager. Anyone on the team can shadow any of the managers for a couple meetings for a day or week to get an idea of how they manage a team and what a day in the life of a manager is like. read more…

The Ideal Advocate - 01/26/22

There are many ways to be an advocate, and success depends heavily on context and the people involved. This makes it hard to answer questions like “what does a normal day look like?” or “what types of things do advocates do?” The answer is a giant “it depends!” But I do think most good advocates have two things in common: empathy and credibility. read more…

Manager Hack: A Simple Weekly Email - 01/11/22

One of the things I’ve struggled with is how to get a new manager up to speed on my team and also how to help them have confidence in my abilities as a manager. After working with some mentors, I’ve settled on a simple weekly email that has been remarkably effective at onboarding a new manager and giving them confidence in my work as a manager. read more…

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