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Manager Toolkit: Manage The Person In Front Of You - 11/16/23

Ultimately, my management style is flexible and guided by three sayings: manage the person in front of you, manage the team in front of you, and manage adults. read more…

Manager Toolkit: Useful Manager Phrases for 1:1s - 11/09/23

I did start Every. Single. One-on-one. with “What’s on your mind?” for years. I’m sure I found it in some “OMG, you’re a tech manager now” book or blog post, but I kept it up because I like the kind of conversations it leads to. read more…

Manager Toolkit: You Talk, I Type - 11/01/23

When I became a manager and began supporting people on their career journeys, I started reaching back to the things I saw and learned growing up to help peole with “different brains.” I’ve tried many of the tools and techniques I learned, but the one I turn to the most is scribing. The word scribing can be awkward, so instead, I refer to it as “you talk, I type.” read more…

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