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Testing In Production

There’s a good chance you have some kinds of tests for your code. You probably have some unit tests and you may have higher level integration tests. Maybe your integration tests are written in something like cucumber or a record/replay test automation tool. Now, the hard question, do you run these tests against production? Most folks I talk to don’t. They think of testing as something that happens in pre-production environments. If you have a QA/test team working on your project you may even think of testing as something that delays the push from development to production. As a former tester, I’d like to propose that you run at least some of your tests against production.

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Metaprogramming and Currying

This year there have been many problems that require writing an interpreter for a simple language. My favorite of these has been day 16 which had you execute some dance moves that modify an array. One of the dance moves is ‘spin’ which involves rotating the array by a constant. Another is ‘exchange X Y’ where the elements in the array at X and Y change places. The moves themselves aren’t complicated. The parsing of the input file isn’t complicated either. The problem gets hard though when you are asked to execute the entire sequence of dance moves 999,999,999 times.

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