Ruby at Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next is March 8 - 10 in San Francisco. Historically Google Cloud has not been seen as the best place to run Ruby applications. We have a dedicated team of a long-time Ruby developers making large strides in our Ruby support. Here are several talks that I believe Ruby developers would enjoy.

Google Cloud Platform <3 Ruby

This is our primary Ruby talk at Next. Remi is a long time Rubyist, and she will talk about all the tools that are available for folks in the Ruby community. Topics will include running Ruby on Google App Engine, monitoring and debugging Ruby applications, and how to use Google services, like the Machine Learning APIs from Ruby.

Navigating Google Cloud Platform: a guide for new GCP users

Many Rubyists are new to Google Cloud Platform. This talk provides a basic overview of the offerings in compute, storage, and big data and machine learning. There will also be demonstrations of common tasks and tips for navigating the platform and how to find help if you get stuck.

You can run that on App Engine?

Many people see App Engine as a tool that only works for very specific workloads in a limited number of languages. App Engine is much more flexible than that and can be used with nearly any language for a variety of tasks. This talk will demonstrate some of the surprising things you can accomplish with GAE.

Moving existing applications to Google Cloud Platform

As adoption of GCP in the Ruby community has increased, I am getting more questions about how to move an existing application to Google. Some applications are hosted in data centers, and some are hosted by other cloud providers. This talk will walk you through the compute options available and how they relate to the services you might already be using. Also, you will learn about some unique aspects of Google Cloud Platform that may surprise you.

Meet the Experts: Ruby

In addition to the breakout sessions, we will be offering a chance for attendees to meet our Ruby team and ask questions. If you have a unique architectural challenge, an issue that’s been frustrating, or you just want to talk through things in person, this is your chance. We are really excited that we will have this opportunity.