Blog Series

Developer Relations

Acing the DevRel Interview

Auntie Aja on Abstracts: You Can Do Better

The Toaster Parable

Thoughts on Personal Brand

What to Wear on Stage

Machine Learning Basics

ML Basics: Markov Models Write Fairy Tales

ML Basics: K Nearest Neighbors

ML Basics: Linear Regression


Battleship: Lessons Learned

Deploying Battleship to GAE

Battleship: Building the Server

Battleship Part 2: Terminal Forever

Battleship Part 1: Local Battles

Talks I Love

Talks I Love: STEM For General Audiences

Talks I Love: The Art of the Keynote

Talks I Love: Historical Oratory

Talks I Love: Speaking Rate

Talks I Love: Partner Talks

Talks I Love: Sandi Metz and Katrina Owen

Algorithms with Auntie Aja

Depth First Search & Minesweeper

Insertion Sort

Queues and Stacks

Ruby and GCP

Rails on App Engine: Tips and Tricks

Ruby at Google Cloud Next

Authenticating Google Cloud Ruby Gems

Using Fog Google

Ruby & GCP: Uploading Pictures To Cloud Storage

Playing with Data

Ruby Meets BigQuery: Part 2

Ruby Meets BigQuery: Part 1

Playing With Data: Birth Plurality In the US

Kubernetes & Rails

Using the Kubernetes Secrets API

Kubernetes and Deploying to Google Container Engine

Basic Rails App with Docker

Learn To Code Resources

Learn To Code Resources: Part Three

Learn To Code Resources: Part Two

Learn To Code Resources: Part One

Testing Anti-Patterns

You Don't Need `assert_nothing_raised`

Run The Tests You Write

Write Tests

Effective Tests

Testing Other People's Code