May Coding Challenge

Seattle.rb May 2014

I’d like more participants and fewer audience members at Seattle.rb’s monthly meeetings. To remedy this I’m putting my money where my mouth is and offering up $100 to be split between two winners of a Coding Challenge during May 2014.


  • Contest runs from May 7th 12:00 PM - June 3rd 12:00 PM
  • Winner is the person who completes the most Project Euler problems during the contest period.
  • Solutions may be in any language or a mix of language.
  • The solution for each problem must take less than a minute.
  • All code must be your own work. You can ask questions or discuss with other people but don’t copy code from the internet or have other people give you code at meetups.
  • There are two divisions:
    • Novice (< 1 year programming)
    • Open (everyone, including novices)
  • The winner in each division will receive $50 of my money.</li>
  • If less than 10 people participate no prizes will be given.</li>